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Fig Tart


140g butter, softened, extra to grease

170g caster sugar

1 lemon, zested

1 orange, zested

1 tsp vanilla bean paste

3 eggs

180g almond meal

75g plain flour

1 tsp baking powder

75g flaked almonds

6-8 figs, sliced 1cm thick

4 tbs honey, to glaze


  1. Preheat the oven to 160°C.

  2. Grease your tart tin with some butter, preferable a loose tart tin (28cm)

  3. Put butter, sugar, lemon zest, orange zest and vanilla paste into a bowl of an electric mixer, beat until light and fluffy, about 5 minutes.

  4. Add eggs, one at a time, making sure each egg is incorporated before adding the next.

  5. Add almond meal, flour and baking powder and stir with a wooden spoon until all combine.

  6. Fold in flaked almonds.

  7. Pour out into the tart tin and spread smooth.

  8. Push figs into the almond filling, pressing down a little, not too much!

  9. In case of spillage and for safety if you have a loose bottom tart tin, place the tart tin on a flat baking tray and cook for 45-50 minutes, or until golden.

  10. Remove from the oven, brush with the honey whilst hot. Then let cool down a little and remove from tin. Slice and serve with some vanilla ice cream or plain whipped cream. XX

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